About McLean Co-Op

       McLean Co-operative has been in the process of development for a number of years by a volunteer Board of Directors who were concerned about the need for affordable housing in the Ottawa region. Members include residents of the Sawmill Creek Co-op, Coady Co-op, Coordinator of Tannenhof Co-op and Co-operative Youth Leadership Camp Councilor.

       The Co-op is named after John and Susan MacLean who were known for their continuous contributions to their community in Ottawa South. The Co-operative Housing Association of Eastern Ontario (CHASEO) also named one of its annual awards after this couple.

       Due to unavailability of government assistance, McLean Co-op is the second housing co-operative built in the city of Ottawa in the past 10 years, the first being Blue Heron Co-op in Kanata.

       There are 60 other housing co-operatives in the greater Ottawa area and 12,200 across Canada, providing 94,000 units of housing for over 250,000 people.

       The co-operative is being developed by Sound Advice Consulting. Its partners are Peter Trotscha and Mark Goldblatt, who each have over 30 years experience in co-op development.

       The architect is Chris Simmonds, who designed the Mountain Equipment Co-op store on Richmond Road and the Blue Heron Co-op (for which he has won awards for designing environmentally sound project) among other projects.